Blacktown Pet and Produce – Sydney’s cheapest place to buy fish tanks

Blacktown Pet and Produce, a pet warehouse store in outer Sydney that sells one of Sydney’s cheapest all in one fish tanks. They have a range of sizes to choose from and their other aquarum gear seems to be priced very nicely too.

1/47 Fourth Ave, Blacktown NSW 2148 – Map

How to get there
You can drive to the warehouse and there is a lot of parking at the front. Be sure to have enough space to hold the tank in your car and that it will be secured when driving.

You can also take a train here and I did see a young lady buy the same tank as me and carry it back to the train station (hats off to her!)

Price and value
The price of the fish tanks are super good value for what you get; big size, great design and includes filter and lights. You can also add a matching stand for very little extra money. The prices make it famous and on my short visit (which I had to drive a little to get there) I saw others travelling very far to buy a tank. In fact it was cheaper to buy here than to order on eBay (which don’t always carry long warranties too).

What to bring
Money and a list of items if setting up a new tank.

* Make a list of what you will need so you can get it all in the same visit, if setting up a new tank. Will you need filter media, filter pads, substrate, decorations, a heater? probably too early to stock it so don’t pick up fish yet in my opinion.

* Make sure you can get it home safely. E.g. do you need to take things out of the car to make room and secure it down tightly.

* Buy a stand, from my research, it’s quite hard to find a stand that matches so nicely and for anything near that price.

* Be careful when putting the filter together, I cracked mine due to the brittle plastic. However once assembled, the filter seems to be working well. (I fixed mine with super glue)

Call up first and check on stock before going in, as they import all their tanks, and may be waiting for a shipment to arrive.

I was doing a lot of research and this place was the cheapest and best featured fish tank for the money. A lot of online shops don’t provide long warranty and cost more. A lot of other places will just get you a glass tank for the same money. Their tanks on the other hand have a filter and lights built in, as well as a hood and is great for those who want a seamless looking tank.

On my visit, I also saw another young lady who came here to buy the same tank and travelled far and by train which I was impressed by as it wasn’t a short walk to carry a 65L tank.
I also picked up other items I needed to set up the tank whilst I was there and found them to be priced cheaply.

The staff also helped me carry the tank into the car which was nice of them. After getting it home, I did struggle to build the stand as there was no instructions, but after a bit of puzzle solving, I built it! I didn’t like the handles though, but was able to easily swap them over for more contemporary looking handles for $4 from Bunnings.
When assembling the filter, I cracked the plastic as I pushed too hard to join the tubes so be careful about that! I also replaced some of the screw locks things (cam lock and nut) for the cabinet as the one supplied broke and seem to be quite weak (luckily they are cheap and I had spares from other flat pack furniture)

Aside from these 3 challenges, it’s been a great tank so far and will be keen to see how long it can last with proper maintenance. The hood appears to have holes for a canister filter, so if the built-in filter is not that durable, there are alternatives. However not sure how easy replacing LEDs lights with a hooded tank will be.

All in all, very happy with the purchase and would look here again for upgrading to a much larger tank down the track.



Zen Aquarium – Sydney’s cheapest place to buy guppies and goldfish

Sydney's cheapest guppy. Sydney's cheapest guppies. Best place to buy guppies in Sydney. Zen Aquarium
Image: Zen Aquarium

Zen Aquarium, a market store in Sydney Markets that sell one of Sydney’s cheapest guppy, guppies and goldfish. On my visit, they had a huge range of colours, pattern and gender. They were also all very active and healthy looking.

250-318 Parramatta Rd, Homebush West NSW 2140 – Map
Open on Sundays only, check their Facebook for details on stock.

How to get there
You can drive to the markets and there is usually plenty of parking. If you are willing to walk a bit, you may even find some free parking.

Price and value
The price of the guppies and goldfish here are quite cheap compared to pet stores. In fact, it’s the cheapest I’ve seen guppies sold for in Sydney. Their goldfish are also priced very competitively.

What to bring
Bring cash, as with many market stores EFTPOS is not always available.

Mention this blog post and you can get a discount, if you buy 10, pay for 9 (valid at time of writing)

Go early in the morning if you are after particular patterns or colours. However, I visited in the afternoon and was able to get all the colours I wanted. This may vary, as sometimes they sell out quickly (check their Facebook for info).

Make sure you do the logical checks for buying fish, such as tank size, ensuring tank is cycled, getting right male and female ratios etc.

I’d advise driving if you live some distance away, I wouldn’t advise carrying the fish in the hot sun for long durations.

When you rock up to the store, you can pick up a bucket and net and start picking out the fish you want. Once picked, the owners will sort you out and put the fish in a bag ready for you to take home.

It’s a small family business, so it’s great to support a small business and especially when it’s cheaper than larger franchise stores.

There are two market stores that sell fish, one of them only sells goldfish. Zen Aquarium is the one that sells goldfish and guppies. I had confused the two stores on my original visit, so keep that in mind if you’re after guppies. They’re very responsive over Facebook messenger too, so you can easily get any info you may need.

Image Zen Aquarium


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